FlexLink Packaging Automation for High-Volume, Lightweight Goods

FlexLink supplies production and packaging automation to the pharmaceutical industry focusing on flexibility, productivity and enhanced cleanliness.

Overall safety is crucial for both the product and their operators. Because of the accumulated know-how in our company, we can present solutions from handling sensitive products with a minimum of packaging material to offering low-static conveyors for maximum cleanliness.

Your opportunities await among customer products, application areas and customers cases.


The production of medical devices is a growing area for automation. Some of the reasons are:

  • Cost
  • Consistent quality
  • Reduction
  • 30 of PIA
  • Adherence to government regulations
  • Traceability of products
  • Environmental control/cleanrooms

The products normally have a high value increase during the production process, and therefore the product yield and consistency of quality are crucial factors.


The FlexLink conveyor is based on an aluminium conveyor beam with low friction slide rails guiding a plastic multi-flexing chain. Products to be conveyed travel directly on the conveyor, or on pallets/carries. Products that are handled have a weight from a few grams up to 20kg with as well a huge variety of shapes.

The high flexibility and the wide range makes it possible to use the conveyors in both permanent lines as well as in flexible modularised solutions. Solutions based on FlexLink conveyors are used in all major industries.

Significant features for the conveyors are:

  • Short time to install and take in use
  • Wide standard assortment assures that the solution is well tailored for the application
  • High reliability
  • Easy to rebuild and reuse
  • FDA approved materials for food applications
  • ESD protection for electronic and electrical industry
  • Capability for clean environments and qualified clean rooms


Through the whole of the process we support you with over 20 years of world leading mass flow experience, with layout, project management, installation, commissioning, training and local service support.

We offer complete systems for all stages of the secondary process. Providing flexible, efficient and safe solutions adapted to your current and future needs.

Incorporating our long established and well proven equipment, product flow is improved in all areas of cigarette, filter and cigar making and packing process. Product flow is improved and downtime eliminated from belting breaks and tracking problems, leading to greater uptime and improved quality.

  • Reliable ”fit-and-forget”, standard modules designed for user-friendly handling
  • Enabling maximized product quality, increased line efficiency, and reduced maintenance and operator costs
  • Turnkey solutions with standardization of control software with short lead times and commissioning as well as fast production ramp-up
  • Our standard modular solutions enable the highest possible reliability, reduced downtime, minimized spares requirement and maximized product quality
  • Local training, service and support are provided at short notice through our global network


FlexLink has launched two new conveyor systems, the hygienic conveyor system and the neck guide handling system. Both systems focus on filling lines for dairy, food and beverage producers as well as the personal products and fluid pharmaceuticals producers.

The hygienic conveyor system is made for demanding customers, which put cleanability, high-speed capacity and safety first. A number of standard solutions are offered. The system uses the latest technology.

The neck guide system is a new way of handling plastic bottles with high line efficiency and at the same time low energy consumption. The system offers several standard solutions like rinsers, elevators, diverters and mergers.

  • Easy to clean
  • High capacity
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low noise level
  • Modular


We support you through the whole process with our 20 years of world leading paper converting experience, layout support, project fulfilment, installation, commissioning, training, and local service.

Combining hardware equipment with controls for managing the line makes FlexLink’s line balancing Dynamic Flow Concept (DFC). Standard solutions are developed for conveying, elevating, turning, rejecting, diverting, combining and collating products, from cores via naked tissue to finished packs, bags and bundles.

With our proven standard solutions together with concepts for control hardware and installation, control-logic, and operator’s interface we reach a flexible and profitable solution in a short period of time.

  • Flexible and balanced lines for improved machine utilization
  • Compact and space efficient for high machine density
  • Easily operated and high accessibility
  • Proven solutions with high availability
  • Flexible solutions for future extensions
  • Efficient installation and ramp-up
  • Global experience and local service worldwide

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Press Release

New Compact and Intelligent Conveyors from FlexLink

Demands on production efficiency and automation are continuously increasing in all industries. FlexLink are taking small products production lines to new heights with the launch of the X45 and X45e conveyor platforms. X45 is the new, compact conveyor platform which offers easy integrat

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Press Release

17 January 2010

Demands on production efficiency and automation are continuously increasing in all industries. FlexLink are taking small products production lines to new heights with the launch of the X45 and X45e conveyor platforms. X45 is the new, compact conveyor platform which offers easy integrat

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11 January 2008

A large part of the technology behind the release of FlexLink’s new X85 platform is based on modular thinking for easy engineering and fast ramp-up. The same principle is the foundation for the new X85 line control system. Increased line efficiency is offered through easy line balancing and a hig

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17 September 2007

FlexLink's vision is to be the first choice for production logistics, and the launch of the new X85 conveyor platform, X85 pallet system, line control and Youtilize™ software is a major step towards fulfilling this vision. "Efficient use of capital, and great flexibility while main

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14 November 2006

FlexLink launches two new conveyor chains - one with a flat friction top for high-speed applications and another with a goosebump surface for handling wet products. The flat-top friction chain ensures safe handling of lightweight products, such as blisterpacks or small boxes, at high sp

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6 July 2006

"The new wheel bends offer substantial improvements with regards to functionality, safety, noise level and appearance, compared to what is available in the market today," says Christer Cedervall, Director of FlexLink's Product and Supply Division. Wheel bends are used for tight bends in

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FlexLink has developed a platform for efficient manufacturing based on pallet systems, and RFID solutions for track and trace and efficient production flow. FlexLink presents pallet-based production logistic systems suitable for automation of various machining operations and optimisati

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Following increasing demands for complete solutions around the sterilisation process, Getinge introduces a state-of-the-art concept for product handling to enhance productivity in the sterilisation process. The new concept builds on proven technology for product handling and in compliance know-ho

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18 May 2006

An agreement has been reached between FlexLink and TOPS Conveyor Systems, Inc. of Burlington, Ontario, covering the acquisition by FlexLink of all shares effective May 31. The new company will operate as FlexLink Systems Canada, Inc. TOPS Conveyor Systems employs 30 people and net sales were $

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The new Automatic Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) is a flexible solution, not only for storing, but also for testing, buffering and sorting within assembly production. "The new ASRS minimises the value tied up in work-in-process. Examples from the PC-manufacturing industry show

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7 March 2006

The products answer to customer demands regarding modularity and standardization, including connections to production control software. The overall target is to offer products that will increase productivity through shop-floor applications of production logistics. "Our launch at the

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8 February 2006

Semcon and FlexLink have started a joint company for efficient production solutions for pharmaceutical and medical device products. The new company, Compliant Logistics AB, has been launched in the USA at the ATX West trade fair in Anaheim. The statutory and regulatory demands placed o

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24 November 2005

Swiss based Interroll and FlexLink, based in Sweden have reached a global agreement covering the incorporation of Interroll roller and belt conveyor modules into FlexLink´s production logistics systems. The agreement will enhance FlexLink's offer and give Interroll access to new sections of

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21 November 2005

Following demands from packaging machine and machine tool suppliers, FlexLink introduces a new range of drive and idler units to complement the existing heavy-duty range. The new units have a compact design and are ideal for integration into machines, in order to create smooth interfaces with inf

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Following the success of its order online service via the Internet, FlexLink extends the service to include a set of engineering tools. The service represents a substantial savings potential for users of FlexLink equipment, primarily supporting repeat and aftermarket business. Fle

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FlexLink launches a unique patented automatic product guiding system that solves a long-standing productivity bottleneck in conveyor lines. Line output will increase and the payback time of the investment may be less than a month if resetting is required 5 times per week. The system mak

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20 October 2005

Following increased attention on hygiene in the food and dairy industry, FlexLink launches the second generation of its modular hygienic conveyor concept. The unique design establishes new levels of hygiene and productivity in filling and packaging lines. The new conveyor is a developm

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20 October 2005

FlexLink's new generation line concept offers high volume distribution systems between fillers, tray packers and palletizers for mixed production in dairies. It gives increased machine utilization, full routing flexibility and process control. The solution is based on the new state of the art hyg

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2 December 2003

2nd December 2003 - FlexLink is pleased to offer a new generation of the PCB handling platform providing high quality, reliable solutions for a wide range of handling requirements. All modules have ESD safe designs and are CE marked. The complete product range utilizes a

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2 December 2003

New massflow FRS technology 2nd December 2003 - FlexLink is proud to launch the very latest in FIFO reservoir systems (FRS) development from our Secondary Technology Unit. The new FlexLink FRS technology is designed to maximize process and operator efficiency. HMI software c

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