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Advanced Cyclone Systems Achieves Growth Despite Unfavourable Market Conditions

Europe in general and particularly Portugal are facing unprecedented challenges motivated by economic stagnation or even recession. Despite grabbing important projects in Iberia and Europe since the beginning of the year, it is overseas where ACS is identifying the best opportunities. Projects in Chile, South Africa and Brazil helped ACS to amplify orders in the first seven months of 2011 to approximately €1m, double the value of orders at this point in 2010. Projects abroad exceeded 70% of the turnover with almost exclusive national manufacture and strong predominance of the metal workshop industry.

Recent ACS projects include:

Fertilizer recovery

Spain – ACS is finalizing the comissioning of a mechanical ReCyclone® system (ReCyclone MH) in Galiza (Spain) designed for particle collecting after a drying process of animal fertilizer. Not only being the sole product collector of the process, the ReCyclone also complies with environmental emission limits. Total effective flow rate is 100,800m³/hr.

Biomass firing

Spain – electrostatic ReCyclone system (ReCyclone EH) for spanish partner L. Solé. The unit was developed for treating flue gases of a 1.2MWth biomass boiler burning wood chips and sawdust. Chile – ReCyclone MH for treating flue gases of a 7MWth biomass boiler burning wood chips and sawdust.

South Africa – ReCyclone MH for emission control of two biomass boilers burning wood waste and wood chips summing more than 90,000m³/hr. Sonae Indústria is one of the largest wood based panels producers in the world. The project is managed together with local partner Scion Technologies.

Ferrous alloys

Brazil – ReCyclone EH for emission control in a major calcium silicon manufacturer in Brazil. This pilot system will be used for emission control in a small fraction
(10,000m³/hr) of the total gas flow rate of the three existing electrical furnaces. Once the ReCyclone EH confirms its suitability for this application, all furnaces, summing more than 900,000m³/hr, will be equipped with ReCyclone modules during two to three years. The project is managed together with local partner Densit® do Brasil.

Food ingredients

Brazil – ReCyclone MH for glucose powder emission control and recovery for ingredient manufacturing giant Corn
Products in Brazil. The ReCyclone has the purpose of increasing the recovery rate of existing cyclones in a 60,000m³/hr spray drying process.

Recent partnerships

Advanced Cyclone Systems was one of the five companies selected for a partnership with French environmental engineering giant Veolia for its biomass projects in
Europe. Veolia launched its Innovation Accelerator (VIA) program last year, but the announcement at the Cleantech
Forum in San Francisco was the first time it has publicly named its new partners.

Advanced Cyclone Systems announces a commercial partnership with PT Basuki, Pratama Engineering, leading
producer of non-polluting and high-efficiency coal fired steam boilers and thermal oil heaters using fluidized bed
combustion, for the commercialization of ReCyclone systems in that market.

Other news

ACS is in the process of certification under the norm NP EN ISO 9001:2008.

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