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Cold Chain Equipment for Pharmaceuticals

Mirai Intex provides refrigeration solutions for pharmaceutical products intended to be stored at ultra-low temperatures.


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Mirai Intex develops refrigeration machines made of high-grade components and materials to ensure their long-term, efficient and reliable operation.

Air-cycle cooling technology was developped to eliminate the use of harmful fluorinated gases, as well as prevent ozone layer depletion and global warming. With such innovative refrigeration technology, Mirai aims to contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increase the safety of refrigeration equipment operating at ultra-low temperatures.

Full portfolio covers a wide range of applications, from biomedical and food storage to the freeze-drying and liquefaction of gases.

Air cycle cooling technology for cold chain storage

Mirai Intex’s air cycle is widely used in air separation plants as a cooling stage to obtain cryogenic cold and liquify natural gas, as well as in aircraft air conditioning systems.

Mirai Intex's air cycle is widely used in air separation plants to obtain cryogenic cold and liquify natural gas.
Only high-grade components and materials are used to develop reliable, long-functioning refrigeration machines.
Air-cycle cooling technology is designed to eliminate the use of harmful fluorinated gases.
Biomedical and food storage, freeze drying and gas liquefaction are just a few of the possible applications among others.
Mirai Cold closed cycle machines are designed for storing products at ultra-low temperatures.
Machines have an integrated control system with an easy-to-use touchscreen interface.
Users can monitor the machine remotely to check or set its performance and update its software.
All Mirai Cold machines are factory equipped with a frequency inverter to control the amount of energy they use.
Mirai Intex's specialists offer support with its machines at any point in their operations.

At the heart of the system is a turbo-module unit developed and manufactured in-house for the most efficient and reliable results. The technology is based on the heating capability of air during compression and cooling down during expansion. Repetition of the compression and expansion cycles allows our machines to reach and maintain ultra-low temperatures down to -160°C.

A key technological feature is that the turboexpander and compressor are located on the same shaft. The energy produced during the expansion process is transferred through the shaft to the compressor, which reduces energy consumption by up to 30% compared with vapour compression systems.

Air is heated during compression and cooled through a series of heat exchangers before being expanded to reach ultra-low temperatures.

Principal advantage of the air cycle system is that it uses air as a refrigerant and is therefore environmentally neutral. In addition, air cycle equipment is reliable and durable, which helps reduce maintenance costs and ensure a life-long cycle with no decline in performance, unlike vapour compression cycle equipment.

Another unique feature of this technology is that it can produce useful heat and can be integrated into a building’s heat management system to provide additional heating. All Mirai Cold machines are factory equipped with a frequency inverter, which ensures they do not consume any energy other than that required to maintain set temperature conditions.

Mirai Intex has developed air bearings that eliminate the need for lubricants in the system. This ensures additional cost savings and a safe, stress-free experience for our clients.

Open and closed-cycle refrigeration systems

Open-cycle refrigeration machines from Mirai Intex supply air directly to the cold room, removing the need for evaporators and auxiliary fans inside the chamber. Because they operate at low pressure, open-cycle systems are safer than any alternative.

Mirai Cold closed-cycle machines are designed as a plug-and-play refrigeration solution for ultra-low temperatures, with environmental sustainability in mind. Multiple Mirai Cold systems can be used in a modular configuration for redundancy and convenience.

Within a closed-cycle system, the ultra-cold air is circulating only inside the refrigeration machine in a closed loop. Due to this, closed-cycle machines are equipped with an additional heat exchanger for the secondary working fluid.

The best example of a secondary medium would be silicone oil, for which Mirai Cold machines are optimised. The secondary loop can cool down numerous applications requiring ultra-low temperatures. Our machines can be easily retrofitted to applications that have been using conventional or outdated cooling methods or used as a refrigeration unit for brand new installations.

Real-time, remote monitoring of refrigeration systems

Mirai Cold machines have an integrated control system with an easy-to-use touchscreen interface. Digital communication protocols such as Profi NET, EtherCAT, EtherNET/IP and Powerlink are integrated across all Mirai Cold solutions.

The system offers real-time and remote monitoring options, as well as data archiving capabilities. Remote monitoring allows users to check or set the machine’s performance and update its software online.

Mirai Intex’s team offers troubleshooting and other support during all machines’ operational lifespans, as well as regular check-ups to assess their condition and performance.

Humidity extraction technology for cold chain storage

At extremely low temperatures, moisture instantly turns to ice and the air circulating in the system must be ice-free. To address this, Mirai Intex has developed the Snow Catcher, a humidity extraction device (HED) designed to make regular defrosting procedures a thing of the past.

The HED allows Mirai Cold machines to operate continuously without defrosting procedures, which consume operating cooling power and additional energy. It is very easy to install – only a few holes need to be cut in the cold chamber wall to connect Mirai Cold and the Snow Catcher.

About Mirai Intex

Mirai Intex is an engineering and manufacturing company founded in Switzerland in 2015.

The main aim is to reshape the ultra-low temperature refrigeration industry for the benefit of the environment and human health and safety. Companies’ commitment to climate protection is shown in manufacturing practices and environmentally friendly product design.

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Products & services

  • KTI ULT-Store

    The mobile KTI ULT-Store uses innovative and environmentally friendly air-cycle refrigeration technology from MIRAI. The refrigeration machine Mirai Cold 10 main component is an oil-free turbo module that compresses and expands air and transfers it on a single shaft for energy recovery. Air as a refrigerant is natural, free, non-toxic, non-flammable and safe for humans and the environment!

  • MIRAI Cold 10D

    MIRAI Cold 10 D is a special type of closed-cycle machine that runs only on air (no need for secondary liquid).

  • MIRAI Cold 10

    MIRAI Cold 10 is an air-cycle chiller designed to provide and maintain ultra-low temperatures from -60°C to -110°C in cold rooms.

  • MIRAI Cold 15T

    MIRAI Cold 15 T is an air-cycle chiller designed to provide and maintain ultra-low temperatures from -40°C to -110°C in cooling processes in numerous industries, particularly in freeze-drying/lyophilizing applications.

  • MIRAI Cold 22

    MIRAI Cold 22 is an air-cycle chiller designed to provide and maintain ultra-low temperatures from -40°C to -110°C in cold rooms.

  • MIRAI Cold 80T

    MIRAI Cold 80 T is an air-cycle chiller designed to provide and maintain ultra-low temperatures from -40°C to -110°C in cooling processes in numerous industries, especially in the freeze drying/lyophilising sector.

  • Mirai Cold LNG for Gas Liquefaction

    MIRAI Cold LNG is an advanced solution precisely engineered for the precooling and liquefaction of biomethane. At the core of this system lies its innovative oil-free turbo compressor/expander. This key component is driven by a sophisticated inverter, allowing for seamless adjustment of RPM (revolutions per minute). This feature ensures optimal performance tailored to specific operational needs. Moreover, the system is designed for peak energy efficiency, making it an environmentally conscious choice for biomethane processing. Its state-of-the-art technology and design make the MIRAI Cold LNG a leader in its class for biomethane liquefaction applications.

Tuřanka 858/98a
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