MIRAI Cold 80 T is an air-cycle chiller designed to provide and maintain ultra-low temperatures from -40°C to -110°C in cooling processes in numerous industries, especially in the freeze drying/lyophilising sector.

MIRAI Cold 80 T operates in a closed circuit as an indirect refrigeration system with air as the refrigerant. The machine is supplied with a factory-assembled heat exchanger that is optimized for silicone oil (also compatible with other working fluids). The system is a self-contained unit requiring minimum maintenance and servicing.

Technical data

  • Rated motor power: 80kW
  • System cooling water: Water-cooled
  • Weight: 4,340kg
  • Dimensions: 228 x 288 x 192 cm
  • Temperature range: -40 °C to -110 °C
  • Noise level: 70dB
  • Max rotation speed: 45,000 rpm
  • Refrigeration capacity: up to 53kW
  • Operation cycle: Closed cycle