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Innovative Supply Solutions (ISS)

Software Platform for Drug Supply Chain Management

928 Jaymor Road, Suite A-150,
18966 Pennsylvania,
United States of America

928 Jaymor Road, Suite A-150,
18966 Pennsylvania,
United States of America


Innovative Supply Solutions (ISS) provides a software platform that allows greater visibility into pharmaceutical clinical trial supply chains.

Risk assessment for pharmaceutical trials

The platform provides accurate risk assessment from the early stages through to the conclusion of the trial. Users identify and mitigate drug supply risks throughout the supply chain.

ISS ensures an efficient and cost-effective R&D supply chain for pharmaceutical organisations, which decreases costs, risks and adds value.

The company has extensive global regulatory compliance knowledge and expertise in manufacturing, packaging / labelling, distribution, logistics, and vendor management.

ISS’s platform enables clients to manage fluctuations in resource demand, making them more responsive to changing market needs.

Integrated ERP and demand simulation

The proprietary technology platform offers targeted enterprise resource planning (ERP) to help with queries concerning supply management such as required quantities, timing and costs to meet portfolio demands and complete lot lineage.

The system is simulation-based demand planning, which allows robust and accurate forecasts, as well as the efficient running of multiple scenarios. Clients can create and manage demand forecasts at trial level across an entire compound or portfolio.

Real-time data for more informed decisions

ISS can integrate the system with interactive web response (IWR) systems, so users can trend data to make informed decisions and drive the safe reduction of waste, optimise shipping frequency, and efficiently use batches.

Simultaneously using real-time data and the platform enables clients to rapidly adapt and quantify the impact of changes in terms of timing, product and costs.

Interactive reports for fast interpretation of data

ISS supplies reports out of the system so there is no need for users to download raw data to create charts and graphs.

Clients can use easy-to-read interactive reports live in the system or create a full comprehensive report. Raw data can also be downloaded as CSV or Excel files.

The company’s technology has a track record for reducing waste, time and money, as well as identifying and reducing risks for customers for more than five years.

ISS helps clients to manage their portfolios using the platform and delivers results with speed and efficiency, enabling variances of less than 10% from forecasts. The company’s technology has been developed by clinical supply chain experts.

ISS leverages its experience gained from more than 1,000 global clinical trials. The company provides scalable services that allow the firm to partner with any organisation.

Whether clients require complete drug supply management or targeted assistance, ISS supports staff and manage resources to specific requirements and scale.

Whisper Down the Supply Chain

In clinical supply management there is no constant as change will happen and is prevalent in clinical supply chains.

Stop Playing IRT Roulette!

Alike many others in our industry, you may be picking IRT settings and hoping things turn out for the best. If so, you are unknowingly playing IRT Roulette!

Innovative Supply Solutions (ISS)

928 Jaymor Road, Suite A-150




United States of America