The COVID-19 pandemic triggered unexpected challenges in the business environment prompting pharmaceutical companies to accelerate the adoption of digital transformation strategies.

GlobalData has conducted a survey to identify the scope of digital transformation at pharmaceutical organisations.

Digital transformation_Scope of Digital Transformations

Scope of Digital Transformation – All Respondents 2020

Analysis of the survey responses shows that most of the companies seek to improve their operational efficiency and innovation using emerging technologies.

A majority 63% of the respondents opined that scope exists for digital transformation in operations enablement and innovation, as the pandemic disrupted conventional business channels triggering the need for technologies that will facilitate remote working.

Companies are additionally focusing on customer (including patient and physician) engagement (56%), business innovation (51%) and marketing and sales enablement (42%).

The survey also found that 29% of the respondents are focusing on workforce empowerment, while 27% are focused on portfolio innovation.

The analysis is based on Digital Transformation and Emerging Technology in the Healthcare Industry, 2020 survey fielded from 17 September to 06 October 2020.