With the COVID-19 pandemic accelerating digital adoption, most of the organisations in the pharmaceutical industry are confident about digital transformation growth.

GlobalData has conducted a survey to assess the optimism in the industry about the prospects of digital transformation in the next 12 months.

Digital transformation - Outlook for digital transformation in next 12 months

Outlook of Digital Transformation Growth in the Next 12 Months

An analysis of the survey results shows that more than 70% of the respondents were optimistic about the growth of digital transformation in their organisations.

While 19% of the surveyed respondents were very optimistic, 54% had an optimistic outlook.

Furthermore, 22% were neither optimistic nor pessimistic, while 4% were pessimistic. Very pessimistic were just 1% of the total respondents.

The survey also found that the optimism about digital transformation was consistent across all business sizes and geographies.

Among large companies with revenues of more than $1bn, 24% were very optimistic and 55% were optimistic, while 18% were neutral and 3% very pessimistic.

Among medium-sized enterprises (revenues from $100m to $1bn), 16% were very optimistic and 57% were optimistic, while 23% were neutral and 5% were pessimistic.

Among small companies (revenues less than $100m), the percentage of respondents who were very optimistic was 13% and optimistic was 55%, while 26% were neutral and 6% were pessimistic.

Region-wise, 21% in North America were very optimistic and 59% were optimistic about digital transformation in their organisations. The percentages were 20% and 48% in Europe, and 9% and 45% in Asia Pacific, respectively.

The analysis is based on Digital Transformation and Emerging Technology in the Healthcare Industry, 2020 survey, fielded from 17 September to 06 October 2020.