GL200 – Tracker

GL200 Tracker - data sheet,GL200 spec sheet

GL200 is a powerful GPS tracker designed for vehicle and asset tracking. When utilized with our EMM Probe the combination further enhances security monitoring and tracking, as well as adds features for environmental monitoring.

With superior receiver sensitivity, fast TTFF (Time to First Fix) and Quad band GSM frequencies 850/900/1800/1900MHz, its location can be continuously monitored or periodically reported to a backend server or other device.

Our independent GL200 – Tracker is a versatile GPS tracking device used to provide standalone tracking and security, as well as with hardwired or additional GL200 – Trackers to offer multiple levels of security.

We, as well as our technology partners Eurosat-MotoMon, have a long-standing relationship with Queclink Wireless Solutions who manufactures the GL200. Combining the partnership of our companies’ expertise, knowledge and specialized backgrounds we are able to offer a product that is uniquely positioned as a leader in the industry of transportation security, driver protection, environmental monitoring, and inventory management and includes our proprietary firmware SecureFlight™.

Utilizing our proprietary software tracking RouteWatch and client interface TEMS, our clients have found many uses for our GL200 – Tracker, including:

  • Cargo embedment provides tracking, recording and monitoring of complete trip history to include all EMM sensor data
  • Cargo embedment provides multiple layers of security, separation from container, trailer, tractor, other pallets
  • Trailer and asset management
  • Facility, warehouse, cold-room, freezer monitoring, alarming and recording
  • Driver panic SOS button
  • Trailer or payload compartment monitoring, alarming and recording
  • Motion sensor and alarming
  • Out of route, linear geo-fencing

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