Abiogen Pharma has always taken care in adapting to new regulations and, in some cases, anticipating them thanks to the numerous collaboration agreements with leading multinational companies.

To count on achieving the set targets in terms of drug quality, Abiogen Pharma set-up its own quality assurance (QA) service when it was first established.

Compliance with the requirements of good clinical practice (GCP) with regard to clinical trials and good manufacturing practice (GMP) in respect of the production is guaranteed by continuous internal audits, studies and production processes.

Maintenance, adjustment and the continued growth of know-how is made possible by periodic audits by our customers, who represent a rare opportunity for analysis and comparison with the highest representatives of the quality and production standards in the industry.

The results of the periodic reviews by the customers, through their Services Quality Assurance, are further proof that the pharmaceutical plant Abiogen Pharma provides an adequate level of safety and consistent quality.

The concept of quality, therefore, is to Abiogen Pharma a method of work that applies from the beginning of the life of a product, continues throughout the production process and also ensures compliance to DTR Farmindustria 2009 on the Scientific Information for Drugs and ensures, in accordance with the Standards of Good Practice of Pharmacovigilance (GPvP), monitoring the safety of the consumer.