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Dycem flooring

Dycem is a manufacturer and supplier of contamination control floor solutions for critical environments. Its products are solely manufactured in the UK at the company's Bristol site and are sold globally in more than 50 countries to many of the world's leading corporations.

Polymeric contamination control flooring

Today, thousands of cleanrooms, critical areas and controlled environments are protected by Dycem polymeric contamination control flooring, enabling organisations to reduce particle counts by up to 99.9%. This contributes to eradicating contamination and cross contamination, increasing product yields and ultimately profit.

The company's user base of thousands includes blue chip companies such as Sony, GlaxoSmithKline, Lilly, Abbott, Johnson & Johnson, Motorola, Roche, and IBM, as well as Pfzer, Rolls Royce, Nestle, Bombardier, Intel, Seagate, Takeda, Nokia, Honda, BMW, Heinz, and Texas Instruments. Dycem is suitable for both small and large companies as it is flexible, versatile, and can be installed according to individual requirements.

Whether the requirement is for a short-term replacement, loose laid, or a more long-term solution, Dycem has an extensive product range to suit a variety of contamination control needs.

Bespoke contamination control flooring

Offered as a long-term or self-installed replacement scheme, CZ01 is produced for pedestrian to light wheeled traffic (up to hundreds of kilograms). CZ01 is 2.1mm thick and comes in a range of attractive colour options, giving the ability to choose whether you wish to highlight or hide contamination. CZ01 also comes with a range of edging systems, from plain anti-microbial diminishing edging to printed edging solution.

CZ02 is designed for heavier traffic loads including pallet trucks, trolleys, and forklifts. Also at 2.1mm thickness, CZ02 provides a seamless transition on and off the system, ensuring sensitive loads carried across by wheeled traffic are undisturbed.

CZ02 is also available with standard diminishing edging, installed with a heavy-duty 3mm thick food-grade stainless-steel edging system. This also comes in a range of attractive colours designed to either highlight or mask contamination.

Pre-assembled loose laid flooring

CZ03 is a loose laid solution aimed at alleviating the need for an installation by our service technician team (as with CZ01 and CZ02). With a thickness of 7mm, CZ03 is thicker than CZ01 and CZ02, but this allows the product to stay in position when used. Delivered as a complete pre-assembled product, it is designed mainly for pedestrian traffic and light-wheeled carts.

Integratable / retro fit flooring

The CZ04 product range has been designed to accommodate the IT and data centre market. Both inlaid and retro fit access tiles are available. Inlaid access tiles allow for seamless transition over an area and the ability to lift the tile to gain access underneath. The retro fit access tile is delivered in pre-cut Dycem tiles, which are simply installed over the top of existing tiles, edging the perimeter with a diminishing strip.

Contamination control wall and ceiling panels

CZ05 completes Dycem's vision of a complete 360º contamination control solution. CZ05 wall and ceiling panels enable installation on surfaces other than the floor and allow for more airborne contamination to be captured. This solution is widely used and highly effective in air shower units.

About Dycem

Dycem has been manufacturing contamination control zones since 1966, with headquarters in Bristol, UK; Warwick, Rhode Island, US; and Santa Rosa, Philippines. The company was recognised for its manufacturing excellence by being nominated as a finalist for the South West exporter of the year.

Dycem also manufactures in compliance with relevant international standards, with a minimum carbon footprint. The company is committed to quality, customer satisfaction, and product innovation, which has earned it recognition worldwide. Today, Dycem operates in most markets serving a variety of industries including pharmaceutical, bio medical, hospitals, medical device, fibre optic, packaging, and food. In addition, by aiming to continuously improve, Dycem has developed the design and ability of its materials to trap and retain particles down to a nano scale.

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Dycem Limited
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Toll free (US only): 800 458 0060
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An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Polymeric Flooring Compared with Peel-Off Mats to Reduce Wheel and Foot-Borne Contamination within Cleanroom Areas 19 January 2017 It has been established that, in order to maintain the highest levels of cleanliness within a cleanroom environment, it is essential to prevent the ingress of particles and micro-organisms into the critical area from the surrounding environment.


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