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Freight Forwarding Solutions for Pharmaceuticals

Air, and sea freight, land transport, warehousing, and third-party logistics

O&S Shipping provides freight transport, warehousing, and third-party logistics services worldwide.

Based in Malta, the company has a wealth of freight experience and is committed to delivering a high-quality service to all customers in the pharmaceutical industry.

O&S also provides internal and external consultancy for small, medium, or large projects, finding solutions to issues such as inventory and supply chain management.

Freight forwarding services for the pharmaceutical industry

O&S Shipping's freight forwarding services are carried out according to the client's specifications.

The company offers a wide variety of shipping options, along with additional services through a wide network of third-party logistic agents.

In addition, O&S Shipping's warehousing facility ensures cargo safety and integrity prior to transportation. Its sea freight services assures clients that cargo is delivered on time wherever it is needed, while its high-quality air freight capabilities accommodate both liner and chartered services.

O&S Shipping also provides a real-time tracking service, meaning clients always know the location of their package and when it has been securely delivered.

Cost-effective land shipping of bulk cargo

When it comes to land transport, O&S Shipping delivers packages of all sizes to any region, worldwide. T

O&S Shipping's freight services ensure high-efficiency and performance during each operation. In addition, the company listens to the needs of the client to form a custom solution.

Efficient transport of pharmaceutical goods

O&S Shipping provides technology and services in accordance with stringent standards of the pharmaceutical industry. It continuously updates its systems and processes to ensure the quality of its service.

In addition, O&S Shipping's employees utilise their experience and training to quickly act and adapt, to enable efficient operation.

Extensive carrier network for global shipping capabilities

O&S Shipping's team members know what works within the field. The company uses tried and tested methods, innovative new ideas, and good judgement to allow its services to be top grade.

O&S Shipping also adheres to a high standard of customer service, with a strong network of global carriers. This extensive outreach means the appropriate vessel can be located, offering the best possible routes and prices. Operating under internationally recognised BIMCO practices, O&S Shipping ensures fast turnaround and timely negotiation with chartering parties.

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