HOF Sonderanlagenbau

Freeze Drying Systems for the Pharmaceutical Sector

HOF Sonderanlagenbau manufactures individual freeze drying solutions, loading and unloading systems, and freeze-thaw units for the pharmaceutical industry.

Freeze drying systems for pharmaceutical companies

With more than 25 years of experience, HOF Sonderanlagenbau's customised systems help guarantee a high-quality and reliable pharmaceutical environment. The company provides individual solutions and offers a fully developed plan, including manufactured systems.

Technologically advanced solutions and designs

HOF Sonderanlagenbau offers bespoke advice from the beginning of a project and accompanies clients throughout each process to ensure the system works successfully.

The company is an ideal supplier as it focuses on consulting, innovation, technology, manufacturing, quality, and expertise.

The company supplies creative products, which meet specific requirements and use the latest technologies. It also provides innovative solutions and individual designs to help clients achieve their goals.

Sensor technology and pressure measurement

Modern technological advances in HOF Sonderanlagenbau's facilities and systems offer excellent, reliable, and efficient results. These include recipe-controlled automatic shelf adjustment, process analytical technology (PAT) sensor technology, comparative pressure measurement, and controlled nucleation method 'SYNCHROFREEZE'.

All HOF Sonderanlagenbau systems are manufactured and inspected at the production sites to guarantee the highest standards of quality.

The company makes decisive investments through comprehensive training and a consistent transfer of knowledge to ensure the employees have wide-ranging expertise.

About HOF Sonderanlagenbau

HOF Sonderanlagenbau is based near Marburg in Germany. The company has more than 250 employees and a 12,500m² production facility.

It has a service team that remains in close contact with clients and provides support for system users.

Contact Details

HOF Sonderanlagenbau GmbH
Ludwig-Rinn-Str 1-3
Contact: Alexander Hof
+49 6462 91 69 0
+49 6462 91 69 199

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