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Managing the Covid-19 outbreak: Lessons learnt from South Korea

Due to its geographic proximity with China, South Korea was one of the first locations hit with the Covid-19 viral infections.

Case studies in accelerating clinical trials in oncology

Clinical development in oncology and immunotherapies has accelerated dramatically over the past few years.

Regulatory requirements for clinical trials: A comparison of Australia and the US

The regulatory environment in Australia and New Zealand offers a significant strategic opportunity for international biotech companies wanting a fast and pragmatic regulatory pathway for early phase clinical trials.

Programmatic approach: An innovative model for drug development that delivers speed and flexibility from candidate to proof-of-concept

It is estimated that 70-80% of biotech firms still follow a study-by-study approach for their drug development program, often driven by investor requirements and cash flow limitations.

Finding commercial success by integrating development, regulatory and market access strategies from the get-go

When bringing a drug to market, there is a range of scientific, clinical, regulatory and market access challenges that pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies face.

How HMI create leaner, more flexible pharmaceutical print processes

Pharmaceuticals use some the most advanced technology in the packaging industry, setting trends that regularly trickle down to packaging standards in the worlds of food, beverages and cosmetics.