ALM Systems

Gauges, Manometers and Flowmeters for Measuring Differential Pressure

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ALM Systems manufactures and supplies instruments to measure and control differential pressure, flow, temperature, air velocity and relative humidity in the pharmaceuticals industry.

The ALM range of products includes differential pressure gauges, flowmeters, air velocity transmitter / gauges, manometers pressure measuring instrument, pressure indicating transmitters and tube pressure switches.

Differential pressure gauges for pharmaceutical applications

ALM’s Magnehelic® 2000 gauge indicates low gas or air pressure with a positive or negative differential. It is accurate within 2% and is available with 80 ranges.

The Photohelic® 3000 and Capsu-Photohelic 43000 switch gauges are equipped with an indication accuracy of 2%. The system is available with a switch repeatability of 1% and is equipped with both low-limit and high-limit controllers.

Float flowmeters for manual control of air or gas

Precision machined from solid acrylic, the ALM VISI float flowmeter is used to indicate or manually control air or gas flow up to 100 standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM) water flows.

Moulded of tough polycarbonate plastic, the RATE-MASTER® flowmeter is used to indicate or manually control air or gas flow from 0.1-1,8 standard cubic feet per hour (SCFH) water flows.

Air velocity transmitters

ALM’s smart air velocity transmitter is field-rangeable and has a 0.1s response time, with pluss or minus 0.2% repeatability.

Pressure-air velocity gauges and manometer pressure measuring equipment

ALM’s PORTABLE MAGNAHELIC® pressure air-velocity gauge has a dead read-out, meaning no tapping is necessary.

The ALM MARK II 25/40 is a moulded plastic, low-cost measuring instrument with 3% accuracy for stationary and portable applications.

The MARK II 475 is a hand-held digital manometer that ranges from 4in water column (wc) to 150 pounds per square inch differential (psid) with plus or minus 0.5% accuracy. The manometer is safe for use in hazardous locations.

Pressure-indicating transmitters

ALM’s Magnehelic differential pressure indicating transmitter series 605 is equipped with a dial gauge indication and two-wire 4-20mA outputs.

603A differential pressure transmitters are available with a 4-20mA signal. It is equipped with a two, three or four wire operational ability and ranges from 0.1in wc. The system is accurate within plus or minus 2% span.

ALM also manufactures:

  • The 607 and 604A series differential pressure transmitters
  • The 604D series Minihelic® differential pressure-indicating transmitters
  • The 642 series pressure transmitters
  • The 666 series rangeable differential pressure transmitters
  • The 7116B series Spirahelic® pressure indicating transmitters

Tube pressure switches

ALM’s DA/DS Bourdon tube switch series includes a visible set point with an adjustable deadband, as well as a pressure range from 0psi to 5,000psi.

The 1900 series of compact low-pressure differential switches is a low-cost precision switch with a repetitive accuracy of 3%. It is equipped with six standard ranges and set points from 0.07in to 85in wc.

ALM also manufactures differential switches for general industrial service. These products are compact and are capable of eight standard ranges.

Set points range from 0.07in to 85in wc, with a repetitive accuracy of 2%. Other products include:

  • The H3 series explosion-proof differential pressure switches
  • The 1950G series integral explosion-proof pressure switches
  • The 1950 series explosion-proof differential pressure switches

About ALM

ALM manufactures acrylic manometers for differential pressure measurements. Some of the company’s high-profile heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) clients include Blue Star, Suvidha Engineers, ETA Engineering, Carrier Aircon, Vilshom Engineers, Batliboi and Apex.

ALM’s range has been installed in various prestigious US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved plants in India, China, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia.

In addition, ALM’s products are currently used in pharmaceutical plants for companies such as Ranbaxy, Cipla, Dr Reddy’s Laboratories, Unichem and Aventis.

ALM is ISO 9001:2000 certified by the Joint Accreditation System (JAS) of Australia and New Zealand.

ALM Systems

304, Damji Shamji Industrial Complex

L. B. S. Marg

Mumbai 400 070

Kurla (W)