Guardtech’s Portable Cleanroom Solutions Proving to be More Vital than Ever for National Covid Effort

The UK recently passed the 20 million mark for Covid-19 vaccinations, while schools have finally opened their doors again.

But even with the R rate of infection also dropping below one for the first time since July, orders for Guardtech’s innovative CleanCube portable shipping container, Luton Box Van and modular building cleanrooms continue to rise. Commercial Director Mark Wheeler insists that now is not the time for complacency.

“Demand for tightly controlled environments has never been greater,” he said. “Finding an appropriate area to house a cleanroom without interrupting production for any length of time is no simple task within most facilities, where significant internal ‘free’ space is hard to find.

Guardtech’s CleanCubes are proving invaluable to firms desperate for lab space, particularly those in need of rapid PCR testing capabilities, and Mr Wheeler believes that ‘control has become the new norm’.

“Regardless of how long Covid-19 continues to dominate headlines and inflict restrictions, the landscape for manufacturing is changing,” he added. “In this new landscape, control will be key.

“Control of supply chain – potentially with a reduced reliance on import and an increased respect for domestically produced goods – control of movement and control of process and product. Controlled environments will become more commonplace than they currently are and, in some cases, a portable or mobile solution will be the key to unlocking the issue of time, space and cost.”

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