Pierre Fabre Medicament explains the advantages of using supercritical CO2 technology for cleaning.

Already well known for its pre-formulation solutions permitting the increase of bioavailability, dissolution rate, taste-masking, etc. of an API, the supercritical fluids department of Pierre Fabre Group now also proposes its services to external partners for the cleaning of medical devices.

The use of the supercritical technology for cleaning presents the following advantages:

  • Degreases precision medical parts without solvent
  • Removes the contaminants (oils, lubes…) without organic solvent, even for small cracks or crevices
  • It is a process without a drying step
  • Obtains a low level of residual contamination
  • Offers perfectly preserved performances of the treated materials

The technology is well adapted for mainly non-polar hydrophobic contaminants:

  • Hydrocarbon oils, triglycerides oils
  • Greases
  • Waxes
  • Resins
  • Lubricants
  • Fats

The technology is applied for cross linked polymers and high density polyethylene. The results are more efficient than those obtained with other technologies.

Results obtained after extraction of polluants by supercritical CO2: from 50% to 90% of removables eliminated with mechanical properties better preserved than for conventional process.

Furthermore, the operational costs of Sc CO2 cleaning are often lower than other processes.

The Supercritical Fluids Pierre Fabre unit is a pharmaceutical establishment (audited by the French Health Authorities: AFSSAPS). Its collaborators are highly trained in high standards of quality and have a long experience in cGMP.

To improve your medical device cleaning do not hesitate to contact Pierre Fabre Medicament.