Pierre Fabre Medicament (active ingredients division) will be participating in the following events :

  • Strategies to Enhance Solubility, Permeability and Absorption of Drugs, Amsterdam. December 12th and 13th
  • Drug Delivery Partnerships, Las Vegas, NV. January, 22nd to 24th

At Drug Delivery Partnerships, we will showcase our complete range of services in applications like bioavailability enhancement, solubility increase, stabilization, protection or taste masking of APIs, and slow-release systems.

Based on our knowledge in supercritical fluids, we have developed a multi-purpose technology platform. We offer our services from development to commercial production in compliance with cGMPs. Today, three main technologies are available and some new developments are in progress.

Bioavailability enhancement :

  • Nanoparticles: enhancing the dissolution rate by increasing the surface specific area of an API
  • Cyclodextrin complexation: enhancing the solubility by a higher rate of complexation with a mild technology
  • Taste masking, API protection, slow release systems: coating micro or nano-sized particles at room temperature