System-built Solutions for oral liquid medication – Exadoral®.

B. Braun provides a diverse range of infusion products and services that help reduce the potential for medication errors, improve best practices, and meet patient safety needs. One of the latest supplements to this range is the Exadoral® oral dispenser developed by the OEM division of B. Braun.

The errors in oral liquid medication are numerous. The common measuring devices, e. g. spoons are not very exact and can lead to an under or overdosage. Syringes make an exact dosage possible, but using intravenous syringes for oral medicines can lead to another more fatal error. Once the oral medicine is drawn-up in an intravenous syringe, it can be applied intravenously. Incorrect intravenous administration can have serious consequences for the patient and at worst may lead to a patient’s death.

To reduce the chances of these mistakes happening, more and more experts and health organizations promote the usage of oral dispensers. These kind of syringes cannot be adapted to a feeding catheter and no needle can be attached.

Exadoral® – Exact. Safe. Easy.

Exadoral® is an oral dispenser combined with a bottle adapter. Furthermore, we provide a dispenser set with bottle adapter and suction tube. Both products fulfill the requirements for safer and more exact measurement of oral medicines.

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