At a time when difficult to formulate molecules and a decline of new chemical entities (NCEs) for new therapies have resulted in pipeline gaps, weakened product portfolios and a challenging R&D environment, the need to create products that address unmet medical needs and marketable advantages is greater than ever.

Aptalis Pharmaceutical Technologies, formerly known as Eurand Pharmaceutical Technologies, is hosting a webinar, ‘Intelligent Formulation Design to Achieve Maximum Drug Performance and Enhanced Market Differentiation’, on Thursday 9 June 2011 at 3pm GMT / 10am ET. This 1hr webinar will present three detailed case studies illustrating strategies for successfully developing differentiated products with marketable advantages.

Lengthened discovery timelines requiring large investment coupled with high/risk reward ratios associated with the drug development process are requiring pharmaceutical companies to look beyond their traditional business models to ones that embrace drug delivery companies as full strategic partners, according to Kevin Ostrander, MS, MBA, global director, business development. “Strategic application of our drug delivery technologies has played an instrumental role in helping our partners to commercialize differentiated, competitive products into the market,” said Ostrander.

Ostrander and Anthony Recupero, PhD, senior director of business development, will set forth case studies illustrating how Aptalis Pharmaceutical Technologies has used its own proprietary drug delivery technologies to create commercialized products with unique delivery attributes that improve clinical benefits and pricing options.

“By optimizing a drug’s formulation we’re able to improve the clinical response to the drug and possibly enhance the safety profile as well as patient adherence. These benefits can translate into improvements for our partners’ clinical, marketing, and reimbursement strategies,” said Recupero, who is responsible for the company’s co-development and licensing in North America.

With more than 40 products commercialized by partners around the world, Aptalis Pharmaceutical Technologies has demonstrated success and experience over the last decade in providing technologically advanced products to partners addressing unmet medical needs in these markets.