Bietigheim – Bissingen – 16th March 2010. Dürr’s Environmental and Energy Systems Business Unit expands its product portfolio with the VARCOM GB burner for VAR systems. The new gas burner covers a wide range of applications and boasts high performance, flexibility and a maintenance-friendly design.

Ecopure® VAR systems by Dürr are in operation worldwide in the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries. They are particularly suitable for purification of explosive exhaust gases and for disposal of liquid residues. Different thermal, absorptive and adsorptive processes such as combustion, heat recovery and flue gas treatment are combined in a single plant system.

Dürr has developed a new high performance VARCOM GB burner for these applications. The VARCOM GB is designed primarily for the use of natural gas, but it can also be adapted to other combustion gases and can be easily upgraded as a multi-fuel burner. It entails a cone burner with fire-tube of heat-resistant steel or silicon carbide, which is available in 13 different sizes with a capacity of 200 kW to 22MW.

Due to its compact design, the VARCOM GB is very easy to maintain. The cone and lances can be easily removed for maintenance purposes, even without dismantling the entire burner. Both fresh air and exhaust air with an oxygen content of 18%, or hot air with a temperature of about 300 °C, can be used as combustion air.

The VARCOM GB burner is characterized by very low losses of pressure, both on the air side (15-20 mbar) as well as on the gas side. It is equipped with a standardised control system which can be customized on request.

The regulation of the fuel/air mixture is usually takes place with a mechanical combination for burner sizes smaller than 2 to 3 MW, while burner sizes above that use an electronic combination.

Dürr guarantees high quality through a trial and test chamber at the company site in Bietigheim-Bissingen as well. At the customer’s request each burner can be tested there before delivery.

The first applications of the VARCOM GB are found in such examples as the incineration of contaminant-laden, partly explosive waste gases in ship and tank unloading and tank breathing at BP in Germany. Furthermore, the burner is already in use at two Chinese companies in the carbon fiber production.

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