Priorclave Announces Appointment of New Service Manager - Pharmaceutical Technology
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Priorclave Announces Appointment of New Service Manager

Priorclave has announced the appointment of autoclave engineer Ranjit Rai as the company’s new service manager.

With nearly 25 years in the Priorclave service department and 10 years as field service manager, he brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and management skills, which will ensure the service team consistently provide one of the finest support roles to all customers worldwide.

Prior to his appointment as service manager, Ranjit provided a lead role to service engineers installing and carrying out routine schedule maintenance programmes, as well as responding to emergency situations. He has worked on and around laboratory autoclaves most of his working life, seeing autoclaves built using relay and switch controls through to the latest advances in modern microprocessor technology.

As a service engineer with Priorclave, Ranjit has travelled the breath of the UK from Shetland to the Channel Islands and flown around the world to customers in locations including Kosovo, America, Russia, India, Australia, and New Zealand, supporting customers either directly or through Priorclave’s extensive network of authorised agents.

In addition, he understands the importance of global support, helping to build on the already excellent reputation gained by Priorclave.

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