Flexible AC Cool Chain Solutions

Air Canada Cargo provides a range of AC Cool Chain solutions is recommended and used worldwide for air transportation of temperature-sensitive shipments, which typically include fresh produce, seafood, flowers, healthcare, and pharmaceutical products.

With three distinct solutions tailored to provide varying levels of temperature protection, AC Cool Chain is suitable for much more than perishables and pharmaceuticals.

Adhesives such as tapes and labels, artwork, and carbon composites are examples of products that are sensitive to varying environmental conditions. With AC Cool Chain, these products benefit from an added level of protection during air transportation, whether they need to stay cool in hot temperatures or be protected in cold weather.

AC Cool Chain includes:

  • AC Fresh and AC Pharmacair helps protect goods being transported in qualified passive packaging. It is supported by the company’s specialised handling and storage temperature controlled areas.
  • AC Absolute° is ideal for goods that require precise temperature control using active or advanced, passive containers. It is available through a leasing programme.

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