MAVAG FUNDA®-Filter Systems for Pharmaceutical Applications

MAVAG AG are specialists in the design, manufacturing and engineering of FUNDA®-Filter systems. Highly regarded in both the pharmaceutical and chemicals industries, the FUNDA®-Filter can also be used in many other applications. The FUNDA®-Filter system has demonstrated its value and cost effectiveness in a variety of demanding filtration processes such as in multipurpose pharmaceutical applications, catalyst recovery, caustic soda, resins, precious metal processing, food and beverage, metal processing and many more.

Over 5,000 units have been installed worldwide, demonstrating how many customers are satisfied with the product’s performance. Our customers are key players within their industries. Recent deliveries include Bristol Myers Squibb, Degussa, Pfizer, Dow Chemical, ECI Elektro-Chemie GmbH, Cytec, Biochemie Kundl, Aarhus Olie, Alpharma and Novartis.


You can operate the FUNDA®-Filter from either a local or a central control system. Typical steps during a filtration cycle include:

  • Filter filling
  • Recirculation (pre-filtration)
  • Feeding forward (filtration)
  • Heel filtration
  • Cake washing
  • Cake drying
  • Cake discharge
  • CIP

Combining the solid-liquid separation with the need for solid-liquid extraction, solids washing, product recovery and drying allows the FUNDA® system to perform to its peak. The FUNDA®-Filter system allows for filtration down to the last drop. A small quantity of washing liquid is all that is needed to wash the cake.

The proven design has been modified and optimised over the years and developed into a sterile filtration system. The FDA recently validated the FUNDA®-Filter for blood plasma filtration.


The filter cake is protected from falling off during pressure fluctuations because the build-up of filter cake takes place on the upper side of the conical filter leafs. Uniform solids distribution is achieved thanks to the stable build-up of the cake, meaning the washing and drying cycles show excellent results.


The FUNDA® has the following unique features:

  • Conical filter leafs
  • Conical bottom outlet
  • Top mounted drive

The result is a cake wash with a small amount of washing liquid and a highly efficient heel filtration "down to the last drop". Costs are reduced and profits maximised as, in comparison with other filters, the FUNDA®-systems provides greater returns.


The complete filtration cycle from filling to cake discharge and CIP are performed in a completely enclosed system. With appropriate packing systems, even the cake discharge takes place into a blanketed atmosphere. This makes the FUNDA®-Filter the separation technology of choice for hazardous or valuable products. It both protects the environment from emissions as well as the product from contamination.


Stainless steel, Hastelloy, Titan, rubber and Halar® E-CTFE linings are some of the materials involved in the manufacturing process. For the pressure vessel, ASME, PED and other design codes can be applied. The extreme longevity of the system and our high manufacturing standards are guaranteed. The average life of a system is 25 to 30 years.


Engineering contractors and end-users are assured the correct design of the filtration process by the experienced engineering support of MAVAG. The engineering of complete filtration plants, often skid-mounted systems, can be performed by MAVAG.


MAVAG AG’s after-sales support has a very good reputation. Delivering spare parts and re-engineering existing FUNDA®-Filter systems to accommodate a larger filtration area are just two of the services we can offer. Often, modifications to existing plants offer an excellent alternative. We can assist our clients with reactivating, refurbishing and up-grading existing units as we have archived documentation of all the filters delivered during the last 40 years.

For more information on the FUNDA®-Filter system and our company, please visit our website.

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