For pharma companies who need seamless integration between departments, ATS Bus is a no-code Industrial IoT platform that provides flexibility and scalability to IT and OT systems.

ATS Bus brings synergy from the shop floor to the top floor with all systems, software, equipment, and the Cloud communicating through a single, configurable hub. Imagine what you could achieve with seamless integration across the IT/OT divide in your pharmaceutical operations.

Key Benefits for Pharma companies

  • Our Industrial IoT platform provides a wide range of benefits to pharma companies including:
  • Increased Network Resilience
    Built-in resilience and reliability across the network give you peace of mind that latency issues and power outages won’t cause you to lose data.
  • Greater Flexibility and Scalability
    Reduce the time taken to modify and replace equipment and systems for New Product Introduction so you can respond faster to market demands.
  • Do More in 8 Hours
    Save time with fewer point-to-point connections to administer as well as a single no-code configuration portal as opposed to endless coding requirements.
  • Increased Data Visibility
    Exposure of production data makes it easier to troubleshoot product and process issues as well as perform track and trace tasks.
  • Improved Business Continuity Planning (BCP)
    Simplified connectivity with fewer potential points of failure improves prevention of, and speeds up recovery from, potential production threats.

With no-code connectivity across your plant you can take the stress out of network maintenance so you can concentrate on what you do best – providing the best pharmaceutical solutions on the market.