METTLER TOLEDO T2650: Shipping Case Labeling and Aggregation - Pharmaceutical Technology
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METTLER TOLEDO T2650: Shipping Case Labeling and Aggregation

The METTLER TOLEDO T2650 delivers a way to quickly and accurately aggregate shipping cases using a single image.

A high-resolution camera allows the system to read every visible datamatrix code applied to individual cartons or bundles in a shipping case. The system inventories these codes and creates a parent-child connection between the cartons/bundles and a code printed on a label created for the shipping case.

The T2650 is available as an inline or standalone system and can be set up to function automatically or manually. The manual trigger version of the station is ideal for use in rework scenarios. A compact design allows the T2650 to fit into your existing production line, and the PCE Line Manager (PLM) software features full connectivity with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. PLM ensures a smooth serialization process, serving as a centralised location for Track & Trace.

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