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Hybrid Pharma Packaging Partner (HP3)

Child-resistant closure

Origin is a Hybrid Pharma Packaging Partner (HP3) and designer of primary packaging to optimise supply chains in the pharmaceutical industry.

Packaging solutions for medicines

Origin works with efficiency and detail to enable products to be brought to market.

The company's new product and innovation design team will integrate with clients' NPD team to create the ideal primary packaging design. As child safety experts, Origin can ensure all designs meet worldwide safety regulations.

Origin's supply chain management model reduces inventory, increases speed to market and enables positive outcomes that are not supported by a traditional supply chain.

Clients have access to various packaging products to enable supplier consolidation and improve industrial performance. The company simplifies processes in the supply chain and specialises in single-source solutions globally.

Primary and secondary packaging hampers

Origin's purpose built Pharmaceutical Packaging, Distribution and Innovation Centre is based in Melton, UK, and showcases an automated assembly line to allow post-mould processes within a controlled environment.

The company has a unique 'Product. Intelligence. Learn' system (PIL), which is compatible with a number of the largest pharmaceutical organisations.

The system assists its clients in designing market-leading primary pharmaceutical packaging, which includes products with child safety features.

OnePac is a comprehensive, pre-validated primary and secondary packaging hamper that is central to the company's product and service range.

The system assists its clients in designing market-leading primary pharmaceutical packaging, which includes products with child safety features.

Storage and distribution services

Origin is ISO accredited to ISO: 15378:2006 standards and are experts at handling and designing primary packaging, which means clients worldwide can trust their services.

The company is ISO accredited for environmental and quality management systems, according to ISO: 14001 and ISO: 9001 standards and guidelines. Origin also holds the BRC global standard for the storage and distribution of pharmaceutical products.

All goods comply with European Pharmacopoeia standards and are accredited by the US Food and Drug Administration. In addition, they are fully tested and certified to ISO: 8317 standards.

About Origin

Origin has more than 50 years of experience in pharmaceutical packaging.

The company is associated with recognised brands, which have expanded the scope of Origin's service portfolio to facilitate a range of pharmaceutical requirements.

Origin's global facilities, including the Pharmaceutical Packaging, Distribution and Innovation Centre and international production cells, support its own manufacturing cells globally.

The company also supports multiple packaging distributors and drug wholesalers, and is represented by regional offices in the UK and Europe.

Contact Details

Pharmaceutical Packaging, Distribution & Innovation Centre
Melton House
Jackson Way
North Ferriby
HU14 3HJ
East Yorkshire
United Kingdom
+44 1482 638 380

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