TCC TB is a tricalcium citrate tetrahydrate designed to function as filler or diluent in tableting and is suitable for usage in direct compression.

The excipient combines exceptional compression characteristics, excellent flowability and good tolerability.
TCC TB can be compacted to tablets with high-tensile strength at low-compression forces, while retaining a high-porosity. Tablets produced from TCC TB thereby disintegrate quickly, even without the usage of additional disintegrants.

TCC TB is an ideal addition to low and medium-dose actives. Compared to other brittle fillers like dicalcium phosphates, TCC TB shows a low abrasiveness leading to lower wear on tableting equipment.

TCC TB is produced in a unique production process which creates the special crystalline structure that is responsible for its outstanding characteristics, making it the ideal choice for a direct compression excipient.

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