Particle Measuring Systems is pleased to announce the release of the SLS 20 Syringe Liquid Sampler to be used in conjunction with the Chem 20™ Particle Counter.

The addition of the SLS 20 for batch sampling to the existing on-line capabilities of the Chem 20, provides a complete solution for all chemical monitoring needs. This new combined solution provides an unlimited level of monitoring at 20 nm sensitivity.

Chemical syringe sampler particle counter SLS 20 Syringe Liquid Sampler enables Chem 20 particle counters to operate in batch sampling applications. It is ideal for precise, small-volume sampling. The system consists of an SLS 20 which is compatible with either corrosive or non-corrosive liquids, all connections necessary to interface with a compatible Chem 20 or Chem 20-HI particle counter and software.

This is a reliable solution to use anywhere that high sensitivity chemical batch particle monitoring is required including semiconductor, data storage, medical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, or automotive industries for applications such as chemical quality assurance, parts cleanliness testing, water sampling, and more.

“Particle Measuring Systems is the industry leader for sensitivity to 20 nm for chemicals and DI water. Our new Syringe Sampler gives our customers the option to count 20 nm in batch applications”, said Jerry Gromala, VP of Electronics Division for Particle Measuring Systems. He continued, “Our engineering team is continually working on innovative new solutions to help our customers meet increasing needs for sensitivity”.

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