An innovative, light and mobile viable sampler, the MiniCapt® Mobile Microbial Air Sampler from Particle Measuring Systems (PMS), simplifies the job of microbial air sampling by implementing modern data management skills that save time and decrease operator error in air sampling data.

The MiniCapt Mobile active air sampler makes the job easier by incorporating a capacitive and sliding touchscreen, allowing easy use with gloves without the need for a stylus.

Combine with the BioCapt® Single-Use Microbial Impactor for a fully validated system.

  • NEW Antibacterial housing to reduce cross-contamination from monitoring activities
  • Robust Antibacterial housing and touchscreen design and materials reduce bacterial deposits and biofilm formation >95% 
  • Reduced operator errors from data management and touch screen
  • Filtered exhaust eliminates contamination
  • Impactor design allows false positive identification
  • ISO 14698:2003 compliant


  • Glove-compatible touchscreen
  • Intuitive user interface
  • HEPA filter exhaust
  • Remote connection to the BioCapt Viable Microbial Impactor (Single-Use)
  • Autoclavable with a sanitisable enclosure
  • Available in 12 languages


  • The inlets of the impactor head are precision cut to ensure laminar flow, thus maximising collection and biological efficiencies in accordance with ISO 14698-1
  • Multiple sampling applications, including monitoring compressed gas and remote isolator sampling, all with one sampler
  • False-positive identification can reduce investigation costs through the use of the radial slit design


  • Aseptic viable environment monitoring
  • Monitoring compressed gas
  • Remote Isolator sampling
  • Use with BioCapt® Single Use for a completely validated solution

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