Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) is pleased to announce the release of its new IsoAir® Pro-E Remote Particle Counter technology.

IsoAir® Pro-E Remote Particle Counter leverages the latest technologies to streamline cleanroom monitoring while meeting global regulations including EU GMP Annex 1, ISO 14644-2, and is part of a 21 CFR Part 11 solution. The robust 316L stainless steel enclosure is liquid-resistant with an IP65 rating which protects the unit during cleaning and disinfection activities.

This is the first particle counter with a built-in vacuum designed for use with the Vapourised Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) process. Additionally, this cleanroom monitoring instrument is powered by Power over Ethernet (POE) and with the internal blower, it requires very few external connections and supporting equipment.

“Only Particle Measuring Systems provides complete viable non-viable cleanroom monitoring solutions as well as the flexibility to meet the needs of large and small bio-manufacturing processes,” said Paul Hartigan, Global Product Line Manager at Particle Measuring Systems. He continued, “The IsoAir Pro-E is an example of how we engineer agile and user-friendly design into our products to meet evolving industry needs.”

Managing data is adaptive with easy integration into a variety of PMS or third-party software systems. Additionally, the quick-release mounting bracket stores essential sensor data such as the IP address at the point of measurement, reducing the time and complexity of unit installation after calibration or servicing. This remote particle sensor is “plug-n-play” with no complex re-programming before reinstallation into the cleanroom monitoring system.

For more information on the IsoAir® Pro-E Remote Particle Counter, please fill out the enquiry form attached to this page.