We are very pleased to announce the latest updates to our products, including BlueCielo Meridian and Meridian360 Portal, and to introduce a preview of the all-new Meridian Cloud Analytics.

We are very pleased to announce the latest updates to our products. These new releases include enhanced capabilities for BlueCielo Meridian and Meridian360 Portal and introduce a preview of Meridian Cloud Analytics, an exciting new SaaS offering.

Here’s a quick digest of capability enhancement highlights in these releases, and the benefits they bring to our customers.

Meridian 2017 R2


Meridian 2017 now includes seamless integration with Meridian360 Portal – our cloud-based engineering collaboration solution. Offering concurrent engineering for BIM, web and remote user access, streaming PDF workflows, and a securely empowered supply chain for the plant lifecycle, Meridian 2017 is the solution you need for centralized operational control of your information assets.

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Meridian360 Portal 5.2


The new release of Meridian360 Portal contains several new features that can help you better manage engineering projects via a single portal in the cloud. You will increase efficiency through time saved on document control, project management, review, and validation of project deliverables, and by eliminating lead-times due to offline or paper-based communication processes.

With the new and enhanced capabilities of Meridian360 Portal, you will be able to:

  • Apply consistent best practices across all projects by leveraging out-of-the-box standard configurations
  • Reliably and accurately trace what has happened in your projects thanks to a full audit trail of all user actions
  • Get full visibility of the key lifecycle events for any given document with the automatic versioning
  • Find out what review tasks you have across multiple projects using a personalized view of projects and review tasks
  • Quickly get your project members working in the right way with the predefined project roles for internal team members
  • Ensure that contractors have access to the right information by using the “Contractor Role” capability
  • Share more project information with one central repository for all project documents
  • Perform collaborative reviews initiated straight from the project repository
  • Clarify the differences between versions
  • Ensure the completeness of data uploaded to the project
  • View PDF renditions with high performance XOD rendering technology

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Meridian Cloud Analytics (preview)

The all-new new Meridian Cloud Analytics is a powerful yet easy-to-use cloud service that provides you with actionable insights from the plant information in your Meridian vaults.  We will be introducing a variety of service modules, each focused on addressing specific issues.

The preview, now available for all customers with Meridian 2014 or newer, includes capabilities to help you analyze the quality of existing metadata in Meridian vaults and identify areas for improvement.  In addition, you can visualize the data to identify sources of incomplete or incorrect metadata.  Customers can define KPI’s, set thresholds and targets, and monitor current performance. Meridian Cloud Analytics features easy and seamless integration to existing Meridian installations.  It delivers quantifiable business value by raising the data quality for Engineering, Operations & Maintenance.

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