Phlexgobal invites you to complimentary webinar ‘eTMF Quality Control Using Heatmaps’.

It will take place on Tuesday 28 November at 3:00pm GMT (4:00pm CET/10:00am EST).

As electronic trial management files (eTMF) advance into intelligent systems, learn how to leverage eTMF data. See how oversight can be enabled by eTMF Heatmap technology, which provides high-impact visualisation of quality completeness and timliness metrics.

You can also consider trial management files (TMF) completeness, quality control (QC), and inspection readiness strategies throughout the study lifecycle.

Speaker Jo Heard is the head of operational support at Phlexglobal. Jo joined the company in April 2013.

She recently moved into the newly formed TMF Operations Department to help expand and grow the firm’s serview delivery capability.

Previously, as Head of Internal Software Development, Jo was responsible for the development and delivery of a number of systems that underpin the business, including both PhlexEQC for TMF Quality Management and PhlexEtrack for paper document tracking.

Prior to joining Phlex, Jo held a number of technical and management roles in global software and services companies. She has extensive experience in data analysis and information systems.