Priorclave remain the leading autoclave manufacturer whose entire range of autoclaves helps the hospital, biochemical, food and pharmaceutical laboratory environments to reduce their risk of cross contamination. The surface coatings of the cabinets contain silver-based, BioCote® technology, dramatically reducing microbial growth.

BioCote technology aids the fight against infection by inhibiting the growth of a wide range of micro-organisms, including E.coli, Pseudomonas and MRSA on the exterior surfaces of the equipment.

BioCote has been proven to work many times through environmental studies across many disciplines, the most recent of which have been undertaken within the food industry.

At KJ Cooked Meats, products, such as doors, with BioCote were compared with those without. The combined average reduction in microbe levels was an astonishing 96% fewer on the treated surfaces.

Campylobacter causes more cases of food poisoning than Salmonella and has contributed to cross-contamination of chickens during transportation in crates around the poultry rearing and process system.

In partnership with Anglia Autoflow, Biocote conducted trials on treated and non-treated crates at all critical points of the decontamination process to find that only one Campylobacter isolate was collected from the treated crates compared to 44 isolates collected from the untreated crates.

These trials conclude that silver can complement cleaning and hygiene practices, working in-between cleaning, to reduce levels of bacteria on BioCote protected equipment.