Does 'Up Close and Personal' in the Laboratory Offend You? - Pharmaceutical Technology
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Does ‘Up Close and Personal’ in the Laboratory Offend You?

Does your autoclave have a personal freshness problem but no best friend to whisper advice?

Do you have to leave the room when a cycle is running?

It may not be quite so ‘up close and personal’, but the average autoclave often needs to contend with a surprising variety of residues that conflict with the most tolerant of our senses. So if your autoclave and you have a hard time coping, this is the solution you’ve been waiting for – PRIORCLAVE autoclave deodorising capsules.

These single use capsules, containing concentrated, perfumed, essential oils, are available in packs of 100, in three different fragrances:

  • Classic: Eucalyptus based, highly perfumed – for all applications
  • Apple and Citrus: Light and fruity – recommended for food laboratories

Just drop a capsule into the bottom of the autoclave and switch on. The capsule will dissolve but the fragrance will linger.
For a free sample of each fragrance, simply contact the nice people in Priorclave’s Customer Services department to make your workplace a better place to be, and experience that sweet smell of success.

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