New Autoclave Product Guide from Priorclave - Pharmaceutical Technology
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New Autoclave Product Guide from Priorclave

Priorclave’s new 16 page brochure has been released, introducing the complete range of standard autoclaves.

There are more than 60 models, designed to meet the needs of diverse business sectors involved in research and development.

Models include small bench top, compact top loading autoclaves, high-load capacity front loading rectangular chamber autoclave and pass-through designs for maintaining sterile paths in and out of laboratories.

Each product page contains sufficient information including overall size, chamber capacity, power requirements and weight.

Priorclave’s brochure details a comprehensive list of accessories and options, enabling the manufacturer to easily match a build programme to meet specific requirements. It also highlights Priorclave’s dedication to designing unique autoclaving applications.

Priorclave is a leading British autoclave manufacturers, which continually invests in its UK design and manufacture centre to ensure a production capability that delivers autoclaves built to international standards ready for worldwide delivery.

The company’s service and support given for autoclaves is highlighted in the Priorclave Laboratory Autoclaves brochure.

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