FREWITT SA located in Granges-Paccot, Switzerland, and R-Pharm Group, headquartered in Moscow, Russia, are pleased to announce their successful collaboration in the area of fine micronization. In fact, R-Pharm has acquired two technologies from FREWITT: the pin mill machine FLEXMILL-LAB PM-160, as well as the hammer mill FLEXMILL LAB HW-1, both part of the FREWITT FLEXMILL LAB LINE.

“As a result of the various exchanges between our technical-sales team and R-Pharm, we were able to meet their expectations in an optimal way. R-Pharm, due a diverse medicine portfolio, contends with a vast range of particle size distribution requirements, while FREWITT excels in fulfilling the needs of pharmaceutical manufacturers having a large pallet of medicines. With our FLEXMILL-LAB, we are able to provide the widest range of particle size reduction solutions in the field of ultra-fine milling. In fact, we have the possibility of interchanging our 6 heads. Thus R-Pharm can pre-mill its product with our hammer mill FlexMill-Lab HW-1 and finish the process with our pin mill FlexMill-Lab PM-160. Afterwards, if they wish, they can add an additional process via an additional head. FREWITT provides the not only world-class milling solutions, but we incorporate our know-how into mobile, explosion-proof rated executions, designed with the required OEB levels to ensure unparalled safety for the user,” commented Roy Housh, Director of Sales at FREWITT.

“R-Pharm is committed to providing patients with the highest quality products in numerous fields, such as oncology, anti-viral, anti-bacterial care and many others. Producing a wide range of medicines compels us to be efficient and very flexible in our manufacturing processes. FREWITT’s FLEXMILL LAB LINE allows R-Pharm to cover most of our requirements towards ultra-fine milling tech with help of the HW-1 hammer mill and the PM-160 pin mill,” explained Yuri Zelenov, Chief Engineer at R-Pharm.

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Frewitt’s wide range of applications in terms of high-tech solutions for grinding, homogenizing, deagglomerating, conveying, dosing and filling of all kinds of powders and granulates makes Frewitt the ideal partner for your most complex projects. Frewitt has its global HQ in Granges-Paccot (Fribourg) Switzerland, with branch offices in the USA, Germany, China, and India.

R-Pharm Group

R-Pharm Group introduces comprehensive solutions for the healthcare system and focuses on research, development, manufacturing and commercialization of pharmaceuticals, laboratory equipment and medical devices. R-Pharm’s mission is to increase the accessibility of advanced diagnostics, preventative care and therapy methods in Russia and abroad.

More than 4500 employees of the group in 70 branches and 30 countries of the world do their best to provide as many people as possible with the necessary means to improve and prolong their lives.