LB Bohle develops machines for pharmaceutical solids production.
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LB Bohle

Lines and Machines for Pharmaceutical Solids Production

LB Bohle develops and manufactures customised single machines and complete assembly lines for pharmaceutical solids production applications.

Industriestraße 18,
59320 Ennigerloh,

Industriestraße 18,
59320 Ennigerloh,

LB Bohle develops and manufactures customised single machines and complete assembly lines for pharmaceutical solids production applications.

Our product portfolio comprises all process steps. In addition to weighing, granulation and blending systems, the range also includes milling and sieving systems, film coaters, and containers and lifting systems that are tailored to meet sensitive material handling requirements.

High-performance coaters for the pharmaceutical sector

All production steps, from spraying to drying to blending, must be aligned to achieve high-quality results in the coating process. From laboratory to process machine, LB Bohle’s cutting-edge coaters guarantee high profitability.

Aside from homogeneous coating, the machine series delicately handles tablets. A flat tablet bed in an extensive drug geometry, as well as continuous adjustment of the inclination angles, ensures optimal movement of the cores.

Continuous product movement is enabled through the systematic compulsory guide within the drum, preventing tablet twinning and significantly decreasing losses in solids and coatings. Furthermore, the air system creates advantages in process technology, eliminating the risk of spray drying of the suspension.

Blending processes within the pharmaceutical industry

Our smaller-scale laboratory blenders and the production-scale blenders PM employ container volumes between one to 12,000 litres.

Our PM systems are not only distinguished by their patented technology with a counter-current process but also maximum flexibility in their application, assuming a blending function and acting as a feeder of process machines.

Aside from the PM range, the series also comprises blenders specifically for third-party containers.

Dry granulation operations

We meet the growing demand for dry granulation applications by offering the BRC 25 and the innovative variable gap dry granulator BRC 100.

The BRC machines allow high production volumes with marginal material loss, which is achieved through fast and precise control of the compaction force with electromechanical spindle drive for the two rollers.

In arrangement with delicate control of the adjustable gap through a screw-feeding system, continuous ribbon properties are guaranteed over a comprehensive product range from less than 1kg to 400kg / h.

Testing and production capabilities of pharmaceuticals

Our headquarters are in Ennigerloh, Germany, and have an operating area of approximately 40,000m² and a highly qualified team of 250 specialists.

In LB Bohle R&D department, pharmaceutical experts, mechanical engineers and process and software experts work together with the entire production process carried out in the company‘s service centre.

Spanning an area of more than 600m², the production of batch sizes between 10kg and 30kg is possible. Comprising weighing stations, granulators, fluid-bed technology, container blending, sieving and milling stations and tablet presses, our machines can be used in a modular way or for clinic sample production.

For our company, the ongoing development of processes and machines is an essential part of the business model. More than 45 patents strengthen our position as a technical leader in the industry. State-of-the-art solutions range from ventilation systems to individually shaped coils, which inhibit spray throughout the coating process.

Bohle Film Coater BFC

LB Bohle has been the technological leader for all film coating applications for more than 15 years.

Fluid-Bed Granulator and Dryer BFS

Using a tangential fluid bed system represents state of the art technology in pharmaceutical manufacturing for particle coating, granulation and drying.

Roller Compactor / Dry Granulator BRC

The pharmaceutical industry’s demand for continuous processes is increasing because it offers clear advantages such as cost savings, process robustness and no scale-up hurdles.

Bohle Blending Technology PM

The Bohle blending systems allow homogeneous blending of dry powder batches with its patented blending elements mounted to the inside of the container lid.

QbCon® 1 – First Continuous Granulator with Integrated Truly Continuous Dryer

With QbCon® 1, LB Bohle presents a means for solids production in the pharmaceutical industry to combine the three processes of continuous raw material dosing (mixing of excipients and active ingredients), continuous twin-screw moist granulation and continuous drying in one plant including integrated control.

LB Bohle Innovations

LB Bohle creates customised single machines, as well as whole assembly lines, for pharmaceutical solids production applications.

BFC 5 Containment Coater for R&D

A British multinational company entrusted LB Bohle with a unique assignment: development of a containment coater specially designed for research and development (R&D) purposes.

Containment-Workshop at LB Bohle

LB Bohle recently hosted a half-day workshop at its Ennigerloh headquarters in cooperation with Rottendorf Pharma.

Covid-19 Business Updates

Due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, LB Bohle uses video conferences in order to organise is daily business.

QbCon® 1 and BCD Dryer for Continuous Manufacturing

Leading trade fairs are in fact the place to present new products, and that is what LB Bohle had planned as well: the new QbCon® 1 and first truly continuous dryer BCD were to celebrate their world premieres at Interphex in the USA and Interpack in Düsseldorf.

Dry Granulation – Continuous and Efficient

Granulation is an important process step in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products. Granules may be used directly as pharmaceuticals or serve as an intermediate product in the manufacturing of tablets or capsules.

Granulation Variety

Granulation continues to grow in importance in the pharmaceutical industry due to the increasing pressures related to cost in the production of solid dosage forms. Granulation aims to form coarser agglomerates from fine powder.

Current Trends in Grinding and Sieving Technology

The pharmaceutical production of tablets is practically unthinkable without the use of a sieve or a mill. These are needed whenever active and inactive materials are handled and tablets or other products are being manufactured.

LB Bohle

Industriestraße 18

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