Rheo Launches Bin Handling Solutions - Pharmaceutical Technology
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Rheo Launches Bin Handling Solutions

Rheo has expanded our product offerings to include Bins and Bin Blenders.

Bin handling systems offer several benefits:

  • semi-continuous process
  • flexible modularity
  • controlled product purity
  • optimized process flow

Our vertically integrated team ensures efficient production while maintaining quality throughout the engineering and fabrication process. Collaboration with OEM partners allows integration of critical sub-components (like the Visval SoliValve® 250) into our bin systems.

The Rheo Testing Center has a demo Bin Blender and Bin available for performance verification. You can come on-site to observe the testing or we can send video and/or a detailed report after the testing is complete.

We believe engineering the right material handling system is critical to ensuring process flow. Our expertise in equipment design allows us to offer a unique perspective when developing complex material handling processes. Bin Handling Systems can often improve containment, product purity and enhance productivity. Our team collaborates with all the key stakeholders on your project to discuss the key design considerations and develop a comprehensive material handling system that fits for your process.

Visit the Rheo website to learn more or fill out the enquiry form attached to this page for additional information.

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