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Bulk Bag Unloading Station

Bulk Bag Unloading Station

The Rheo Bulk Bag Unloading Station is a GMP system that is designed to work with a wide range of containers and processes. We have developed several modular design options that can be used as a foundation to create a design that ultimately solves your process problems.

Transfer modules

Rheo can configure the Bulk Bag Unloading Station to accommodate a wide variety of process equipment. Rheo specializes in excellence when it comes to craftsmanship and the GMP requirements of the pharmaceutical and specialty chemical industry. Rheo can supply this easy to configure package to integrate with your downstream process and can provide a turn-key system for quick on-site deployment.

  • Vacuum Hopper: The vacuum hopper conveys the product downstream to the receiving vessel. This occurs in a clean and contained method without any moving parts.
  • Powder Induction System: The integrated powder induction system allows the bulk bag to unload into a disperser system that can mix the product with a solution and pump it directly to, or recirculate through, the receiving vessel. Minimal dry cleaning areas improve the mix times for transferring to liquid vessels.
  • Gravity Chute: The gravity chute is the simplest method for transferring powders to receiving vessels directly below the system.

Bag connections and flow aids

Rheo can conduct material testing with materials to meet the containment requirements and to optimize product throughput by customizing docking systems and discharge aids.

  • Docking Systems: Automated Docking System with SoliValve® 250, Spout Clamp with Extraction and Pinch Valve
  • Discharge Aids: SoliValve® 250, Tilt Paddles, Impactors

Advanced features

  • Integrated Weighing: An automatic weighing system can be designed into the Bulk Bag Unloading Station configured as either a gain-in-weight or a loss-in-weight system. The SoliValve® or a pinch valve will automatically adjust to slow down and stop material flow to hit the target weight and to allow for partial bag unloading.
  • Inline Process Components: Crushers, mills, or screeners can be easily integrated in-line to help with material flow and to reduce a process step.
  • CIP Spray Devices: Spray devices can be added to the product contact areas to ensure the system is fully Cleanable in Place. Our GMP retractable spray device fully retracts out of the product stream during powder transfer to ensure no blockage or retention and only extends during the cleaning process.
  • Controls & Automation: Typical controls for the Bulk Bag Unloading Station include a touchscreen HMI that can be connected to your plantwide network. Simpler control options are also available. Sensors can be integrated into the system to recognize when product flow has slowed or stopped which can trigger flow aids to turn on or warn the operator to intervene.

Testing center

Bulk powder handling can be a challenging process and there are many factors that lead to the optimal solution. We can handle the risk for you! Our Testing Center is equipped to test your materials, allowing us to design the best solution for your specific needs. We don’t just sell a product – we sell a solution.

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