short pusher

Telstar has developed a new generation of vial loading and unloading systems that can be integrated into freeze-dryers and offer greater robustness, efficiency, reliability and accuracy in the vial transport and transfer process, in addition to easier cleaning and simplified maintenance.

The improvements are mainly concentrated in the transport conveyor transition modules and the vial alignment systems that offer increased security of vial transport in loading and unloading processes, resulting in elimination of breakage and significant reduction in rejects.

Telstar has also developed a pusher-type loading mechanism with a 40% shorter length than conventional systems, which reduce the footprint required in the aseptic area and increases the size range of shelves, which can be automatically loaded.

Modular vial transport system

Telstar has developed a standard range of modules that combine easy installation and accurate alignment between conveyor systems, which ensures that the vials move smoothly and continuously between the modules and makes the vial transition process more robust and reliable. Designed to be applied to any vial loading system, this system developed by Telstar provides greater efficiency in the transition process, and reduces vial losses during transport due to breakages or falls.

Telstar has developed and tested longitudinal transitions, sliding longitudinal transitions, active and passive 90° rotations, transitions with curved belts, with T-shaped belts and other various other geometrical arrangements required to accommodate the configuration of loading systems. By combining modules, the transport system can be readily configured to any layout.

Vial single-lining system

This is a complex element for accepting vials unloaded from the freeze-dryer in random packets and aligning them at high-speed so that they can be transferred in a single line towards the capping machine. Since there are many applications where unloading vials onto a rotary accumulation module, Telstar has developed an alternative based on different single-liner system configurations that enable unloading the shelves of the freeze-dryer while preserving as much as possible the row order followed during the loading process.

The new Telstar vial descrambling modules are suitable for unloading processes at up to 400 per minute with a typical rejection rate of 0.01%. Telstar has developed a range of single-liner modules to address the various speed and layout requirements of specific clients.

More compact pusher loading mechanism

Telstar has developed a loading mechanism with a 40% shorter length than the conventional systems. It is primarily intended for installation in freeze-dryers which, due to clean room space constraints, need to have a fixed loading system with a compact footprint.

The new design, which also features a built-in HMI screen that offers improved ergonomics and cleaner construction compared with screens supported on floating columns. Due to its compact and robust design, the mechanism can be integrated with freeze-drying equipment with shelf widths of up to 1,500mm, thereby increasing the loading capacity per row by 25% over earlier designs.

Telstar originally developed the industry’s most compact unloading system, facilitating easy integration into freeze-drying equipment. Patented in 2006, the compact unloading system minimizes installation space, since it can be readily integrated to the back of the chamber, underneath the condenser of a conventional layout lyophilizer.

In 2011, Telstar introduced a new compact drive system featuring flexible steel bands for vial loading and unloading systems, designed particularly for operating under aseptic conditions and within barrier isolators. This system, also patented by Telstar, can unload lyophilizers configured in ‘pass-through’ mode and can also be used to load and unload single-sided lyophilizers when layout conditions restrict application of other technologies.

Telstar at INTERPHEX 2014

Telstar will take part in INTERPEX 2014 (New York, 18-20 March 2014) and experts will be available to present and discuss the most innovative solutions for the biotech and pharmaceutical industry. Telstar at INTERPEX: Booth 3063)

Telstar, part of the azbil Group, is a company that develops high-technology solutions of engineering, construction, equipment and services for the life sciences market. Acknowledged as one of the ten major suppliers for the pharmaceutical industry, the company is the only international manufacturer able to offer integrated process solutions for the biopharmaceutical industry with in-house sterilisation, freeze-drying, containment and clean air technologies. Telstar invests 3% of its turnover in research, development and innovation of its technologies and equipment.