Auto-Injectors and Other Drug Delivery Devices

Recent trends in the healthcare provision field have emphasized the advantages of providing products that enable use in a non-clinical setting and facilitating self-administration of injectable medications at home offering many benefits.  Homecare solutions eliminate the inconvenience of trips to hospitals or clinics - which not only saves time and money, but also reduces negative environmental impact, whilst allowing treatments to be performed in a comfortable and familiar environment.

Enclosed E3D’s digital catalogue reflects the company's expertise and experience in self-injection device platform development and customization, offering pharmaceutical company partners the flexibility to find the solutions that meet the needs of specific drug products, therapies and user populations. Our broad device technology portfolio includes easy-to-use handheld auto-injectors and on-body injectors – all designed for use by patients in a non-clinical environment – suitable for biologics and small molecules, for treatment of chronic conditions and for use in emergency care.

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