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Cell Harvest Using Only One Filter Per Batch

As the biologics industry is moving towards more diverse batch volumes and cell concentrations that are cultivated in single-use facilities, there has been a demand for innovative cell separation technologies. Conventional technologies such as depth filters and cross-flow filters have limited flow rates, extremely large footprints, and rely on high filter areas. The latter causes a high amount of leachables and extractables, is unsustainable, and causes high investment and operating costs. The innovative CONTIBAC® SU filter developed by DrM, Dr Mueller AG in Switzerland overcomes these limitations by using a cyclic cake filtration method. Thanks to the cake filtration, the filter has an unequalled speed without sacrificing filtrate quality, while the cyclic operation allows for filtering the same batch volume with a smaller filter. Using a smaller filter, in turn, is not only more sustainable but also significantly reduces the risk of contamination. Therefore, regardless of whether a batch or continuous bioreactor is used, the CONTIBAC® SU is the filter of the future.  

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