DrM has developed a new type of single-use mixing device, the FUNDAMIX® SU system, which combines the proven FUNDAMIX® high performance mixing technology (over 1900 stainless steel executions) with the advantages of a closed and disposable plastic enclosure. A wide range of different connections allows for a modular and very flexible approach in the design of the production chain. For biotech applications the bags for our single-use mixer are delivered pre-sterilised and therefore cleaning/sterilisation processes as CIP/SIP are no longer necessary.

The FUNDAMIX SU offers many distinctive features of the standard FUNDAMIX technology, such as low shear force but powerful mixing action, making it perfectly suited for homogenisation, powder suspension, pH adjustment, media preparation, fermentation and many other typical biotech process operations.

Key advantages of the FUNDAMIX SU

  • Fully enclosed environment made from plastics ensures safe handling and disposal of components
  • Robust and reusable steel shaft for efficient energy transfer to the mixing plate
  • Broad range of common connector types in various materials available
  • Strong multilayered bag film with gas barrier and high chemical resistance
  • Various bag volumes available
  • No dynamic sealing and thus no risk of particulate generation caused by plastic-on-plastic friction
  • Easy connection to all FUNDAMIX drive devices
  • Customizable connectors for instrumentation and reactants feed
  • Completely sealed shaft connection for quick and easy bag assembly
  • Chemically resistant and robust polymer plate for high mixing efficiency
  • Bottom mounted outlet port allowing homogenization during draining

Materials of construction

  • Mixing bag: Polyethylene PE
  • Mixing plate: Polyethylene PE
  • Mixing housing: Stainless steel or plastic
  • Connector material: PE, PP, PA, PVDF, PSU
  • Compliance: USP Class VI, FDA 21 CFR 177, ISO/EMA, ASME BPE, animal-free material

Design figures

  • Operating pressure: ATM
  • temperature: up to 50 ºC
  • Temperature control: Heating jacket (on vessel)
  • Sterilisation method: Gamma sterilised or X-ray sterilised
  • Batch volume: up to 1lt, 5lt, 10lt, 50lt, 100lt, 200lt, 1000lt, 2000lt
  • Connector type: Hose barb, tri-clamp, sterile / aseptic connector, luer