METO Systems supplies bulk bag column lifts, container transports, and bowl inverters to transport goods and APIs across facilities in a safe, controlled manner. These solutions are certified as conforming to industry standards and can be adapted to meet all your laboratory needs.

Bulk Bag Column Lifts

METO Systems’ stainless-steel container positioners are designed to be safe, easy-to-use and reliable. They are Industry standard for the transfer of powders/pellets/tablets from either an IBC, FIBC or similar.

Many process applications call for lifting containers and then positioning them over a receiving port, stacking position, or a wash nozzle; or for placing them onto a special discharge station. Meto Bin Positioners are capable of reliable and consistent precision docking.

METO Systems offers a variety of positioner types—from small column lifts to fully integrated lifts—to meet your specific needs. Best of all, our positioners easily interface with other METO Systems products to lift, transport and discharge materials throughout the entire production or manufacturing process without skipping a beat.

Our bin positioners feature intuitive controls, which greatly simplify raising and lowering containers, products, tools or equipment to appropriate ergonomic heights or to position them above or below processing equipment and elevated process platforms.

Container Transports

Transporting large product containers through your facility is not always simple.

Many bins or bowls are fitted with their own wheels or carts while others require a separate mode of transportation. Large sacks, for instance, are typically moved around on pallets or in suspension frames and therefore have very unique transport requirements.

METO Systems offers a number of options for bin transports, ranging from simple stainless steel pallet jacks to powered pallet jacks and counterbalanced stackers. We even offer powered utility tugs that can move heavy carts and work with your existing mobile equipment.

Our lift trucks are EE-rated and include an electric code switch that allows for up to 99 individual access codes, as well as a “last-user ID” function to make startup easy. An onboard smart charger with auto-switching means you can recharge sealed batteries without ever opening the battery compartment. This makes recharging quick and simple when using a 110v/20A standard outlet. METO Systems’ bin transport solutions also include up/down buttons with proportional speed control and an auto-reverse belly switch.

METO Systems’ bin transports and other sanitary material handling and hygienic equipment can reduce production and manufacturing times, simplify operational processes and ultimately save you money. Get started today!

Bowl Inverters

Most stainless steel bowl inverters—including those used with mixers, granulators or fluid bed dryers—do not provide a bottom discharge outlet. This means fine powders, wet powders, liquids and anything else that’s been mixed will require scooping, dumping or inverting for product removal.

METO Systems inverters are available with discharge cones that can accommodate either manual or automated clamping. In fact, we offer a full line of bowl inverters and tippers to help keep your product flowing. Even in the event of a power outage, our fail-safe lift mechanisms will hold the platform in place without drift.

To ensure the safety of personnel, reduce product waste and prevent equipment damage, all of our bowl inverters and tippers include safety interlocking/sequencing and static positioning. Most importantly, METO Systems bowl inverters feature our patented valve designs, which speed changeovers and cleaning while effectively controlling the discharge of fine powders, granular products or tablets.