We all know how important good sleep is. How else would we cope with our often stressful daily lives? Our days are filled with coordinating work life, household, shopping, children and hobbies. We can‘t really afford to have trouble falling asleep or not sleeping through the night – and yet many of us know exactly these problems. One option to provide fast relieve can be melatonin. There are already many of these effective products on the market, but there is something that is still missing in this area and this is exactly where we come in. Effective products that completely avoid any kind of preservatives: for better tolerability and safe use!

Melatonin contributes to improve sleep quality, improves sleep-wake cycle, helps to fall asleep in a natural way and to reduce jet lag effects. To make products as tolerable as possible, it is important to avoid any kind of preservatives inside of the formulations. We have developed several product variations, including melatonin and bluenesse extract, and our customers can choose from a variety of aroma and taste options.