Propionate belongs to the most common short chain fatty acids (SCFAs) and their role for our immune system is of major importance.

SCFAs are produced by bacteria that ferment fiber and they are important metabolites in maintaining intestinal balance. They also act as important fuel for intestinal epithelial cells and are known to strengthen the gut function and having an impact on the protection against allergic inflammation in the lung.

The application field of propionate is extremely wide, it can be used in the nose, mouth & throat, skin, ear and around the eyes. Sodium propionate has a positive effect on the microbiome and offers protection and restoration of respiratory mucosa. Next to sodium propionate, our products contain Locke-Ringer Solution which is a complex saline solution to improve the cilial function and mucociliary clearance. Sodium Propionate and Locke-Ringer Solution contribute to an increased osmolality and therefore provide a decongestant effect on mucous membranes in the nose and mouth & throat. Additionally, they have a balancing effect on other epithelial cells and provide comfort for dry, irritated and sensitive skin. With this, products do have the possibility to improve nasal breathing, reduce sore throat, improve skin hydration and skin barrier function and reduce skin redness and irritation.

The product “Nasal Spray with Propionate” is a gentle treatment of unspecific nasal discomfort and provides relief congested nose. It has an immediate effect (within 5 minutes) and helps to restore the nasal mucosa and clears it from various pathogens like viruses & bacteria, allergens, pollutants, etc. The spray can be used as an accompanying treatment of runny and itchy nose and it decongests the nasal mucosa without the risk of habituation. The efficacy is proven in scientific studies and it has an excellent tolerability.

Next to the nasal spray, we also offer a mouth & throat spray, an ear spray and a dermal spray, all containing sodium propionate as well as Locke-Ringer Solution.