Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Great Britain Fellowship Awarded to Michael Gamlen

Michael Gamlen has been made a Fellow of the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Great Britain in recognition of his international reputation in the field of tableting research and development.

This decision received the full support of the American Physical Society (APS) board of trustees.

With over 30 years pharmaceutical industry experience, Michael has held a number of significant posts including head of tablet development at The Wellcome Foundation for 15 years and as a consultant to Vanguard Medica.

Specialising in managing product development and process development studies, Michael has provided training courses and after many years of research and testing, created the worlds’ first computer controlled desktop tablet press and founded Gamlen Tableting.

Today, Gamlen’s instruments are used worldwide to generate precise measurements of tabletability, compressibility, and compactibility by capturing tablet compression and ejection force measurement.

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