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Safe Label Material for Plastic Drug Packaging

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are increasingly using primary containers made of plastics.

In the case of soft plastics, there is a risk of migration. Schreiner MediPharm develops customer-specific, low migration labels for plastic containers that do not compromise the medicines inside.

Special adhesive systems, materials, and inks were qualified to develop the ideal label design for each particular plastic container.
However, soft plastic materials have disadvantages.

Molecules from solvents and other substances contained in inks, adhesives, and film materials might possibly migrate through the packaging over the years. For example, eye drops in soft plastic bottles might be contaminated or their effectiveness impaired.

To ensure harmless materials are used for each particular label design, Schreiner MediPharm conducted a study with a renowned, independent test institute to analyse, calculate, and evaluate the migration tendency of various label compositions.

The results make it possible to specifically develop low migration label solutions for each application, without any major expenditure of time or investment by the pharmaceutical manufacturer.

In addition, the use of verifiably harmless low migration labels increases the probability of a smooth approval from respective drug administration authorities.

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