The cost of realising Europe’s hydrogen potential

3 July 2020

An FDI approach for the new normal

As the global economy emerges into a ‘new normal’ as well as a likely deep recession, businesses and countries will have to adapt to a range of factors and identify...

1 July 2020

Data centres stand resolute amid Covid-19 turmoil

While many sectors and industries have been decimated by the Covid-19 pandemic, data centres are continuing to thrive. Lara Williams looks at the reasons behind this ongoing success.

1 July 2020

European solar energy development shines on

Solar power installations in Europe have slowed during the Covid-19 pandemic, but the sector is proving resilient, write Jon Whiteaker and Sebastian Shehadi.

30 June 2020

Will M&A fill the post-Covid FDI gap?

As greenfield FDI takes a hit due to the Covid-19 pandemic, M&A looks set to become a preferred method of investment for companies wanting to expand internationally. Viola Caon assesses...

30 June 2020

The GCC emerges as a food security force

Countries within the Gulf Cooperation Council are using agricultural technology to increase the share of food produced within their borders and minimise imports.

29 June 2020

Industry 4.0 to the rescue?

With companies reconsidering the future of their supply chains and manufacturing operations in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, embracing Industry 4.0 will aid their recoveries.


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