Global, cGMP Micronizing and Milling for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Support new drug proposals

Catalent provides a range of services and technologies to transform molecules into successful treatment for patients.

Tailored solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

Catalent helps clients to overcome specific challenges and offers tailored solutions and fully integrated support.

The company serves innovators from large and small companies in more than 100 markets, which includes 41 of the top 50 biotech firms and 48 of the top 50 pharmaceutical organisations.

Catalent's team of more than 1,000 scientists has supported 40% of recent new drug approvals.

With more than 30 global sites, the company makes and packages more than 100 billion units annually.

Oral, injectable and respiratory dosage forms

Catalent's intellectual property in oral, injectable and respiratory dosage forms and advanced drug packaging includes more than 1,200 patents and patent applications.

Catalent can enter the process at any stage in a client's product lifecycle to protect their brand and improve it through added value.

Preformulation and formulation services

With a range of services, including analytical, biologics, preformulation, and formulation, Catalent drives efficient development timelines and provides improved products.

The company's robust GPEx mammalian cell line engineering technology accelerates large molecule drugs from discovery to clinics.

Catalent's OptiForm solution suite is an integrated service that is designed to rapidly solve complex bioavailability challenges for early stage molecules using a toolkit of bioavailability enhancing technologies.

OptiForm solution suite matches the best formulation technologies to each development molecule.

It uses an accelerated parallel screening and development approach, which is based on science and best-in-class scientific expertise, to assess the properties and challenges specific to each molecule, apply industry models and evaluate in parallel multiple delivery options, and through rigorous data to rank development options.

In 12 weeks, a dedicated adviser will provide a recommended plan based on data and necessary animal PK study materials, allowing clients to enter animal trials.

Catalent specialises in extensive formulation capabilities for oral dose forms, controlled release, inhaled dose forms and softgel technologies, and can solve complex bioavailability, solubility and permeability issues.

About Catalent

Catalent is a world leading company in drug delivery solutions that helps its clients to create better treatments by boosting bioavailability, solubility and permeability, while improving administration and increasing patient compliance.

The company's unique delivery technologies includes softgel solutions, LIQUI-GELS and Vegicaps capsules, Zydis fast dissolve, controlled release, as well as inhaled dose forms.

As an extension of the supply chain, Catalent have the technology and expertise to offer global, integrated manufacturing and packaging solutions to take products from design to clinical trials, plants and pharmacies.

The company manufactures oral, sterile, and inhaled dose forms, as well as produce biologics for preclinical and clinical studies.

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Case Study: Assessing Potential for Oral Delivery Using Parallel Screening 03 May 2017 Catalent utilised two technologies targeting duodenal and sublingual biological barriers through a parallel screening approach to assess the oral delivery potential of Salmon Calcitonin.


Case Study: Formulation Prototypes with Increased Solubility and Bioavailability 26 April 2017 Catalent Pharma provided London-based pharmaceutical company Trio Medicines with three formulation technologies and four prototypes showing improved solubility and bioavailability for an acetyl prodrug of a novel, well-tolerated G-protein coupled receptor antagonist.


AsiaPacific Region Studies, Common Clinical Supply Challenges 02 February 2017 The number of clinical trials in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region is growing as sponsors tap into expanding pharmaceutical market.

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